It’s important to us that you know that you are not only donating to a worthy cause, but also to an organization that is committed to carrying out an important mission using the most effective means possible.

We are very aware that we are, and will continue to be, completely reliant on two types of critical support in order to carry out our mission successfully: donations – of both time and money.  We treat each, as the precious resources they are, realizing we cannot operate without them, and we owe a debt of gratitude to both donors and volunteers.  As such, we feel obliged to everyone who “invests” with us, to operate using responsible management practices and financial prudence.  Spending is done not only wisely, but strategically, remaining closely focused on our goals.

Our mission has been necessitated due to the lack of adequate public education on this topic.  We have found that most people are basically aware that flu shots are a “good idea”, but lack understanding of the seriousness of the issue.  Too many are not convinced enough to get flu shots for everyone in their family – every year! 

While there has long been attempts to inform the public by government and other agencies, the fact remains that a large percentage of the population still don’t understand the danger.  Networking and social media seem to be an ideal way to get through to more people.

Building Both Issue and Organization Awareness

The initial drive to spread the word about this new foundation, share Scarlet’s story and pass on our flu education message, has mainly been grass-roots.  Using social media networking, we’ve communicated with thousands of people who have expressed surprise – and appreciation for what we are doing.  To build our group, we urge everyone to get involved by (a) helping us to spread the flu education message and (b) encouraging others to join in as well.  We also actively seek volunteers expressly for the purpose of helping recruit more volunteers.

One of the reasons this means of communication has been so compelling is because it has allowed us to share our own personal story. The details are factual – and stark.  It serves as a wakeup call for many.  People have been genuinely struck by the stories of children who have died due to complications of the flu – as well as learning that a simple flu shot can virtually eliminate the risk.

It has also been an emotional endeavor. In the process of reaching out, we have connected with other families who share something in common with us – also suffering the tragic loss of a child as a casualty of the flu.  Many of them have even chosen to join forces in our cause. 

What does your donation help us with? 

Every dollar donated goes a long way.  At present, no money goes to management or administration (currently all-volunteer).  100% of your donation goes directly to logistics-related operating expenses such as printing, packaging, shipping and distribution of educational materials, etc.

How can future donations help?

Thus far, we are proud to have been able to do so much with limited donations.  Our initial outreach approach has been working well, and we have every reason to believe it will continue to be effective.  But a single method of communication is limited.  To continue to grow, and expand our mission – to “flu educate” as many families as possible throughout the U.S., we have to do more – to communicate more!  We have to use more forms of outreach. 

We are confident that the gravity of Scarlet’s story and our message will translate to other forms of outreach as well. However, unlike social media networking, other avenues come with associated costs, so we will need more help financially. Like so often is the case, “it takes money to make money” (even for a non-profit). In addition to ever-increasing exposure as word spreads, continued and additional donations will enable us to raise even more funds to further the cause. This is a compounding cycle we hope to continue indefinitely.