We are currently working on our first major awareness campaign.

Our concept involves creating opportunities for flu-education, by distributing hand-made baby hats to new mothers.  These “made with love” hats will be packaged inside New Mother Baby Bags, along with flu awareness educational materials.  What better time could there be to send such an important message, than when a brand new baby arrives? 

Due to limited time this last year, and the extensive logistics involved, getting ready has been a bit of a frenzy!  Through it all, we are very happy with what we are accomplishing, and we were solidly on track for December distribution.  This year, with a full year to plan and coordinate, and even more volunteers on board, we aim to distribute quarterly.

Of course, the key component of this campaign was procuring the large number of hats needed.  In addition to our other volunteers, we are fortunate and grateful to have enlisted many wonderful volunteers specifically for the task of hat-making.  Generous and caring people from all over the U.S. have been contributing their time (and yarn) to crochet hats for us.

Given the hurdles we faced, we are so thrilled that we will be able to distribute to hospital maternity wards in at least twenty-six states and 45 hospitals in December 2016. We have collected about 7,000 hats so far!  In addition to our hat makers, the volunteers who will be distributing the Baby Bags to the hospitals will also be instrumental.  Beyond that, there is also a financial challenge we are still working on. Our budget has been broken several times by the unexpected number of hats that keep arriving!  Naturally we are thrilled, but we are struggling to raise additional funds – fast, in order to get all the hats onto the heads of new babies!  Donated funds are being utilized to cover the associated costs of printing the educational materials, production of campaign bags packaging and shipping/distribution, etc.

Interested in being a part of The Flu Hat Campaign? Get in touch with us and we will connect you to your local Campaign Manager!